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It is time to share another favorite podcast with you! Today’s favorite podcast is all about books and reading.

Becoming Dr. Seuss Nonfiction for Life Podcast

Not only do I love reading, I love to learn new things. Podcasts helps me do that. I like listening to audio books, but I find myself listening to podcasts even more.

An audio book is a big commitment time wise, but podcasts are usual short and don’t take as much time. I can easily listen to a whole podcast episode while exercising or cleaning house. 

Some of my favorite podcasts involve books and reading. That is probably not a big surprise.

A few weeks ago, I discovered a podcast called Nonfiction 4 Life. As soon as I read what the podcast was about, I knew I had to listen to a few episodes. It is a podcast all about nonfiction books. 

It is no secret that we love nonfiction. Most of our favorite books are nonfiction books, so a podcast all about nonfiction books is one that I thought we would love. 

This week I listened to the Becoming Dr. Seuss episode 103 and loved it. The host of Nonfiction 4 Life interviewed the author of the book Becoming Dr. Seuss.

Most of us grew up reading Dr. Seuss books, but I do not think that most of us know much about the man who wrote these children’s books. 

I found this podcast episode fascinating.  It was a look into how Theodor Geisel went from writing ads to a children’s author. It shared a look into his education, his family life, and a look at how some of his most popular book came to be. 

If you love biographies and learning behind the scenes things, I think you will love this episode of Nonfiction 4 Life. I really enjoyed this short look into Dr. Seuss’s life. I can’t wait to read the book Becoming Dr. Suess, so that I can learn even more about his life. If you have read the book, I would love to hear what you thought of it. 

If you love nonfiction books, I think you will enjoy Nonfiction 4 Life podcast. I have listened to the episodes below and enjoyed them all. 

Episode 103 interview with the author of Becoming Dr. Seuss

Episode 107 interview with the author of Born Survivors

Episode 109 interview with the author of Living Well Despite Adversity

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