Backlist Book Picks

Backlist Book Picks

It is time for another Backlist Book Picks list. Backlist Book Picks is our weekly feature where we share two backlist books that we loved. New releases are great, but there are so many older books that often get forgotten about. 

This week for our two backlist books we are combining WWII, animals, and nonfiction. 

If you love WWII books and haven’t read these we highly recommend them. The second one is fairly well known even though it was published over ten years ago.

The first one though is a book that not very many people know about. It is one of my favorite WWII nonfiction books because it covers a part of WWII that not very many books do. I have recommended it so many times to people that enjoy WWII books. 

Have you read either of these?


Elephant Company

Elephant Company

Elephant Company was one of my favorite books of 2015. It is half war book and half animal book. This is a look at a part of the world during WWII that very few people know about. We read a lot about Europe, Japan, and the Nazis, but this book takes us into the lives of those living in Burma during WWII. I have read a lot of WWII books, but none that have dealt with Burma and that part of the world. I had trouble putting this book down once I started reading it. It is an amazing story of animals and what they can do. If you love WWII books this is a must read! 

The Zookeeper's Wife

The Zookeepers Wife

I love World War II stories and animal stories, so The Zookeepers Wife was a definite read for me. The story is well written. This is a true story with amazing people in it. This story connected with Irene’s Children which I read recently. There were many interacting events that were described in both stories which gave me a good view of what it would have been like in Poland during the German occupation. Both books are great WWII reads. 

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