Backlist Book Picks Week 5

Backlist Books

It is time for another Backlist Book Picks list. Backlist Book Picks is our weekly feature where we share two backlist books that we loved.

New releases are great, but there are so many older books that often get forgotten about. We have over four hundred reviews on our site and we want to share some love to all those older books that we have read and love. 

It is September and September means fall and fall means that it is football season! We live in Oklahoma and in Oklahoma football is big. If you live anywhere in the southern part of the U.S you know what I mean. College football is crazy in this part of the country. 

Is it okay to admit that Grace and I aren’t huge football fans… I know. I know. The rest of the family loves football, especially college football, but Grace and I would rather enjoy a good book than a good football game. 

What we do like though is a good book about football and we are sharing a couple of our favorites for this week’s backlist book picks. 

The Blind Side

The Blind Side

Did you know that there is a book that the movie The Blind Side is based on?  If you loved the movie the book The Blind Side is a must read. This books was published back in 2007, so it is an older book that a lot of people haven’t read.

I like to read personal and fascinating stories and this books fits this group. I not only found it interesting to learn about football, but I also liked reading about Michael Oher’s amazing story and the family that helped him. I could hardly put this book down when I was reading it, and I was a little sad when I finished it.

When the Men Were Gone

When the Men Were Gone

I am not a huge football fan, yet I loved When the Men Were Gone, by Marjorie Herrera Lewis. You don’t have to know anything about football to enjoy this book. But if you love football, I think you will love it! When All the Men Were Gone is based on a true story of a small town football team in Texas during WWII. This story reads like nonfiction because it is based on a true story. This is one of the best fiction books that I read last year. I loved it and have recommended it to quite a few people that love WWII books or that are football fans. 

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