101 Dalmations

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101 Dalmatians

Author: Dodie Smith
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Publisher Summary:

When Dearly’s Dalmatians have their first litter of pups—fifteen in all—everyone is delighted. But their joy is shortlived, for the pups are kidnapped! Scotland Yard is baffled, but the keenest canine minds are on the case—and on the trail of Cruella de Vil, the most fiendish person to ever covet a fur coat.

Pongo and Missis would give everything they have to bring their puppies safely home… but will they succeed in rescuing them from the cluthes of the evil Cruella de Vil?

Lynn's Review

101 Dalmations

I only recently discovered that there was a book, 101 Dalmatians that the movie was based on. The book was a novel written in 1956. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and it made me want to watch the movie once again. The book is slightly different than the movie, but that is almost always the case with movie adaptations. And as usual, I enjoyed the book more than the movie. This is listed as a children’s books, but if you are an adult and haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. It will make you want to go watch the movie!

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