A Cross Country Christmas book review

Book Review of
A Cross Country Christmas

Author: Courtney Walsh
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Lynn's Review

A Cross Country Christmas book review

I read a review of A Cross Country Christmas and thought it would be a fun holiday read. It was exactly that. It also made a great read while I was sick with a cold. 

Lauren, a TV set decorator, and Wil, a coach and her brother’s best friend, are forced to take a cross-country trip home at Christmas time. 

This book is a Christmas romance, but there are also some hard life things mixed in. 

I liked this book because it has a little more depth, in both the characters and the storyline, than many Christmas romance books do. It was still a quick read, but also made you think about life, the choices you make, and family. 

I will say that although I enjoyed this book it was a little too PG-13 for me. Which is often the case with holiday books. This book had a little bit too much of Lauren and Wil thinking things about each other that I really could have done without.

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