A Rule Against Murder

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A Rule Against Murder

Author: Louise Penny
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Lynn's Review

A Rule Against Murder

A Rule Against Murder by Louise Penny was published in 2011.

This is the fourth book in the Inspector Gamache Mystery series. I think this one is my favorite in the series so far. 

Inspector Gamache and his wife take a trip to a luxury inn for their anniversary. They have been to the inn many times before, but this trip is different. 

A complex, somewhat strange, wealthy family, is also staying at the inn for a family reunion. 

After a murder, it ends up not quite being the stay anyone imagined it would be. 

I loved the setting of this book. The inn is set on a lake in the middle of the woods and Louise Penny does a great job describing the inn and the characters in the book. 

I am slowly collecting all the books in this series and I can’t wait to read more of them. 

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