A Texas Ranger

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A Texas Ranger

Author: N. A. Jennings
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Publisher Summary:

In 1874, Napoleon Augustus Jennings moved to Texas to join the Rangers under the command of L. H. McNelly. A year later, Jennings was thrown into the conflict between the native Spanish speaking Americans and the English speaking whites who came to settle the area. In an era of cattle thieving and terror, we follow Jennings through the southern border of Texas and find a vivid portrait of life in the late 19th century in one of the most lawless and hardest places to live in the United States.

Grace's Review

A Texas Ranger

I really enjoyed reading this book. Right now I have a slight fascination for the Texas Ranger’s, so this memoir was right up my alley. I really enjoyed reading Jennings’s story and I felt that he kept the readers interest. This book did make me wonder if all his stories are true, but I do believe most of them are. This memoir is so much fun and think teens would also really enjoy this great book.

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