A Very Bavarian Christmas

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A Very Bavarian Christmas

Author: Katie M. Reid
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Publisher Summary:

Holly Noel Brigham is trapped back in her hometown of Bavarian Falls personalizing ornaments at Neumann’s, the famous mile-long Christmas store—and she doesn’t even like Christmas.

Problems, not presents, are stacking up for Holly. She’s in her thirties, still single, and sleeping in her childhood bedroom due to a failed start-up in the city.

Holly needs a turn of heart in order to unlock what’s next. The only guy showing any interest in her is quirky Frank, who keeps her laughing but makes her feel boxed in. Then there’s handsome Nik, who has a shady past but takes her ambitions seriously. As Holly works through fractured relationships and embarrassing misunderstandings, she stumbles upon love in the Bavarian-themed town from which she tried to distance herself.

“If you’re looking for a holiday-themed read that will warm your heart but also make you think, this is the perfect pick! The storyline and characters draw you in from the get-go and you’ll find yourself relating to their struggles and cheering for their victories.”

Lynn's Review

A Very Bavarian Christmas

I so wanted to like A Very Bavarian Christmas. I have seen quite a few bloggers and bookstagramers promote this book recently saying that they loved it. I didn’t. If I was going to give it a star rating I would give it two or three stars. Three stars would probably be pushing it for me.

I like clean romance books and this fits that category, but I had trouble liking the story. I also struggled to like any of the characters.

There were also points in this book that were supposed to be comedic that I just didn’t find funny.

I will say that I am in the minority on this though. This book has 36 five star reviews on Amazon. So there are quite a few people that disagree with me on this one. I think this is just a case where it just wasn’t the book for me.


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