Adventures Under Fire

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Adventures Under Fire

Author: Albert Henke
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Publisher Summary:

Every soldier who has served his or her country in a war has a story to tell. For Albert Henke, that story is intense, exciting, and revealing. This World War II veteran recalls his journey from a diary he kept and letters he sent to his mother. He felt that the stories should be shared and put into book form as a historical record. The book is based on the 50 missions Henke flew as a tail gunner in the Air Force in the Mediterranean Theater on the European front and North Africa. The book is packed with memorable stories and photos, truly presenting the factual account of courage under fire.

Grace's Review

Adventures Under Fire

Adventures Under Fire was written different than many other World War II book because it includes Albert Henke’s flight logs. This added a new element to the story because I was able to see what he felt at the time. I would say that this book is shorter when it comes to reading length because of all the pictures and logs taking up pages.

If you want a different story or view of World War II, then I think you’ll enjoy this. Henke was a gunner for a B-17, and he flew out of Africa and Italy mainly. He did have a few flights out of Great Britain. He had actually finished his 50 flights and was on his way back to America when VE day was declared. I think that this was a good war book and worth picking up if you can find it.

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