All the Pretty Places book with flowers in background

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All the Pretty Places

Author: Joy Callaway
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Lynn's Review

All the Pretty Places book with flowers in background

All the Pretty Places by Joy Callaway was published in 2023. It is historical fiction set in the Gilded Age. 

All the Pretty Places is about a family that owns a nursery in Rye, NY. 

Sadie would love to take over her family’s large nursery after her brothers move away, but her father wants her to be a proper lady. Business is best left up to the men. Her father plans to find her a husband and a place in society, but that is not what Sadie wants. 

I read The Grand Design by Joy Callaway last year and enjoyed her writing but not the liberties that she took with history. I decided to read All the Pretty Places because it is based on Joy’s family history. I thought it would be more historically accurate and it was much more historically accurate. 

I love books set in or about the Gilded Age, so I knew I would love that aspect of the book. I also loved the nursery and gardening settings.

There is so much information about flowers and gardens, especially during the Gilded Age in this book. If you love gardens or gardening I think you will enjoy this one. 

I love Joy’s writing. She does a great job with her descriptions. It makes you feel like you are there in the garden or place that she is writing about. 

If you love historical fiction and are looking for a lighter romance type read this is a good one!

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