All We Were Promised book review

Book Review of
All We Were Promised

Author: Ashton Lattimore
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Lynn's Review

All We Were Promised book review

All We Were Promised by Ashton Lattimore is a historical fiction published in 2024.

This book is set in Philadelphia in 1837 and follows Charlotte and her father, who escaped from a plantation in the South. 

This book is about friendship, family, found family, slavery, and more. 

This book took me to a time and place I have not read much about in historical fiction, and I loved that about it. 

It deals with the differences between the North and the South before the Civil War and tackles the issues that those from the South faced if they wanted to travel to the North. 

I liked this book, but I didn’t love it. I am glad I read it, but it wasn’t a five star read for me. 

Some parts of the story were just too neat and perfect. Like the right person being at the right spot at the right time. And it didn’t just happen once it happened quite a few times. 

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