Being Henry book review

Book Review of
Being Henry

Author: Henry Winkler
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Lynn's Review

Being Henry book review

Being Henry by Henry Winkler was published in 2023. It is Henry Winkler’s memoir. 

I love to read memoirs. I also love to listen to memoirs on audio, especially if they are by famous people who narrate their books. 

This memoir caught my attention because I enjoyed The Boys by Ron Howard and his brother. I thought it would go along with The Boys because Ron covered so much about The Happy Days, and Henry Windler played the Fonz on The Happy Days. 

I liked this book; it went along well with The Boys book. Henry was a great narrator. I appreciated Henry being so honest about his struggles with dyslexia and issues from his childhood. 

I also had no idea Henry Winkler acted in and directed many shows and movies. 

However, there are some things about Henry Winkler that I did not need to know. It also felt like the book jumped around time-wise a lot. I also felt that it gave too many details at times. 

I am glad that I read it, but it isn’t my favorite celebrity memoir.

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