Bloomsbury Girls book review

Book Review of
Bloomsbury Girls

Author: Natalie Jenner
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Lynn's Review

Bloomsbury Girls book review

Bloomsbury Girls by Natalie Jenner is a book about books, bookstores, friends, relationships, and more. It is set in England in the 1950s. If you enjoyed Natalie Jenner’s book The Jane Austen Society you will probably enjoy this one as well.

Bloomsbury Girls is a stand alone book, but some of the characters from The Jane Austen Society make an appearance in the book. In fact, one of the main characters in The Jane Austen Society, Evie Stone, is also one of the main characters in Bloomsbury Girls.

Bloomsbury Girls is set in a bookstore in England that is struggling to keep up with the changes that are happening around them. There is also a bookish mystery and of course some love and relationships as well.

The writing is good with great character development.

I liked this book, but I liked The Jane Austen Society more.  Bloomsbury Girls was a fun read, but I felt like it tried too hard in some parts. It fit a lot of modern American issues and topics all into a book that was set in 1950s England and it just seemed off because of that.

It is also PG-13 in a few parts. Which did not surprise me, but I know some readers like that warning so they know what to expect.


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