Buffalo Gal

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Buffalo Gal

Author: Mary Connealy
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Publisher Summary:

Will Buffy and Wyatt ever see eye-to-eye? Buffy Lange has spent her life learning about and caring for buffalo. She’s landed the job of her dreams, managing a huge buffalo ranch in South Dakota. With stars in her eyes, she imagines all of the Midwest given over to free-ranging buffalo. To her, buffalo embody beauty, majesty, and strength. To Wyatt Shaw, however, the buffalo are a constant threat— wild, untamable, and dangerous. Wyatt’s ranch adjoins the Buffalo Commons and he watches in trepidation as its owner expands and rides roughshod over the local ranchers. When disaster strikes, Wyatt’s worst fears are realized and Buffy can do nothing but clean up the mess. With one determined to rid the area of buffalo and the other determined to see them flourish, the dust seldom settles around these two. Will they ever be able to find a common ground?

Grace's Review

Buffalo Gal

This was a cute mindless romance which I enjoyed. I think the plot and characters were rather lacking, but it did make for a nice fun read which I needed. This is a great book to get on sale and then save it for when you are in need of a fast read.

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