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Counting the Cost

Author: Jill Duggar
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Lynn's Review

Counting the Cost book

Published in 2023, Counting the Cost by Jill Duggar, is Jill’s memoir of what life in the Duggar family is like.

Counting the Cost is Jill Duggar’s memoir and it is very different than her sister Jinger’s memoir Becoming Free Indeed

Jinger’s memoir shared her journey of finding freedom in Christ, not in the list of legalistic rules that she grew up with. 

Jill’s memoir is more of a traditional memoir. It is Jill’s story of her childhood, growing up in the public eye, her relationship with her parents, and their involvement with Bill Gothard and the ILBP. 

Jill’s book gives more details about their family life, the rules that her parents have, and the broken relationships that have come from the strict rules her parents live by. 

Jill shares more behind-the-scenes details about the family and their TV. show. 

One of my thoughts about Jinger’s book was that she was very gracious, maybe too gracious, towards her parents. Jill’s book is not that way. Jill shares a more honest open look at the family.

I felt like Jinger was more guarded and respectful of what she shared. Jill gave more details, so it felt like it was more of a view into what their childhood was like. 

I enjoyed both books because they give you a different view of the Duggar family. I think both books together give you a pretty good look at the problems of legalism. 

I do feel like Jinger may have more peace about where she is at than Jill does. Jill seems to carry more scars or at least scars that have not healed. That might just be the difference in personality between the two though. 

Jinger’s book is definitely a Christian memoir. Jill’s book, Counting the Cost, is more of a memoir that shares her legalistic Christian upbringing and the problems that it created. I think Jill’s book will probably appeal to a wider audience since it focuses less on theology and more on the story of the Duggar family. 

If you enjoy memoirs I think you will enjoy both Jill and Jinger’s books for different reasons. 

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