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Diamond Doris

Author: Doris Payne
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Lynn's Review

Diamond Doris book

Diamond Doris by Doris Payne is a true crime book that I picked up at Tattered Cover Bookstore when I was on vacation in Colorado. I love true crime books and had never heard of this one, so I thought it would be a good read.

I have mixed thoughts on this book. It was a good read. The author of the book was a jewelry thief. She wrote a book about life as a criminal. It was such an interesting look at a life I can’t imagine living. In that aspect I enjoyed it.

What I didn’t enjoy was the lack of remorse for her crimes. Most true crime books that I have read are written by someone else. The author is not the one writing about a crime or criminal. This book though was the author writing about the crimes she committed and she came across as proud of what she did.

There was little to no sorrow or remorse for the pain she caused people or the huge amount of money she took from businesses around the world.

Her crimes gave her a better life than she came from and she was proud of that. She was able to escape abuse and poverty and the fact that she did that simply by traveling the world, and stealing valuable jewelry didn’t seem to bother her.

Diamond Doris was an interesting true crime read, but I struggled to love it because of the attitude of the author. If you like true crime books you will probably enjoy this, as long as you keep in mind that the author has little to no remorse for what she did.

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