Diamonds are for Never

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Diamonds Are For Never- Crime Travelers Spy School Mystery Series Book 2

Author: Paul Aertker
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Publisher Summary:

An unforgettable page-turner with thrilling plots, humor and wild journeys. ” – The Denver Post

Parents, teachers, and librarians will appreciate the worldwide geography and appropriate language for Ages: 8 – 14 Grades: 3 – 8

Lucas Benes is yet again a boy on a mission. After sabotaging a mass kidnapping in Paris, Lucas Benes faces a new and perilous threat from Siba Günerro and her anything-but-good Good Company. When a briefcase-toting kid from the Falkland Islands joins the New Resistance Spy School, 14-year-old Lucas learns the truth about his mother and becomes a boy on a mission. Lucas and friends speed in and around Rome–from the Colosseum to the Vatican–until they stowaway on a cargo ship carrying diamonds that could unlock the secret to Lucas’s past and destroy the Good Company’s future.

Grace's Review

Diamonds are for Never

Diamonds are for Never is a fun preteen, pretty clean teen story that I found to be a little stupid and predictable, but also fun to read as it brings alive an adventure of a group of young adults with messed up lives.

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