Elizabeth Prentiss book review

Book Review of
Elizabeth Prentiss

Author: Sharon James
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Elizabeth Prentiss book review

Elizabeth Prentiss by Sharon James was published in 2006. It is a Christian biography about the life of Elizabeth Prentiss. 

Elizabeth Prentiss is the author of Stepping Heavenward, the hymn More Love to Thee, and many other books, poems, and hymns. 

She lived in the 1800s. It was a very different time from today, yet much can be learned from her life. 

Elizabeth Prentiss grew up in Maine and became a pastor’s wife. Both she and her husband suffered health issues. She suffered from chronic insomnia. 

They lost two children at very young ages. Due to the time they lived, they also lost many friends and family members to sickness. Yes, Elizabeth Prentiss longed to live her life for Christ in the midst of life’s hardships. 

A quote from the book that tells so much about Elizabeth’s life is, “ The writings of Elizabeth Prentiss are still popular today because of the way they show women that faithfulness in the simple everyday tasks has eternal significance.” 

That was what Elizabeth believed. She was a wife, mother, sister, friend, writer, and many other things, but in all she did, she longed to glorify God before anything else. She knew that everything she did and suffered through was for Him. 

If you enjoy Christian biographies, Elizabeth Prentiss by Sharon James is good. 

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