Helmets and Lipstick

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Helmets and Lipstick

Author: Ruth G. Haskell
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Publisher Summary:

Helmets and Lipstick, first published in 1944, is a first-hand account by Second Lieutenant Ruth Haskell of her service in the Army Nurse Corps as an nurse during World War Two. Of note was her unit’s presence during the Operation Torch invasion of North Africa in late 1942, where the nurses and ground troops were under heavy enemy fire. Haskell’s wit, humor, and dedication to her work and those in her care are evident throughout this enjoyable, informative book

Grace's Review

Helmets and Lipstick

I really enjoyed this memoir. I only know a little bit Africa during World War II and this book helped me learn more. I also knew very little about the nurses in World War II and this book taught me a lot about them. I love that this book was written more like a novel than a history book. I enjoyed the personal story line that kept me reading. This is a must read World War II book for me especially since I highly recommend memoirs like this one.

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