Home Song

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Home Song

Author: Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer
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Publisher Summary:

Caught up in the responsibilities of her job and the incessant demands of her elderly mother, mayor Emily Warwick doesn’t allow herself to dream. Then there’s her younger sister Jessica, who’s about to walk down the aisle with a man their mother despises. It doesn’t help that Emily’s still mourning the husband she lost and wondering what happened to the baby she gave up for adoption twenty years ago. Sometimes she thinks it would take a miracle to fill the hole in her heart. But miracles do happen in Cape Light. You just have to close your eyes–and believe in your dream

Lynn's Review

Home Song

This book is the second book in the Cape Light series. I picked it up for 50 cents at the same time I got book one, Cape Light. Like Cape Light this is an easy, fun read. Not the best book I have ever read, but a fun mindless type of read. Like Cape Light, it was also a pretty typical, somewhat predictable, Christian romance type book.

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