Horse Soldiers

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Horse Soldiers

Author: Doug Stanton
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Grace's Review

Horse Soldiers

I would give Horse Soldiers by Doug Stanton a solid four stars out of five. It is probably one of my favorite modern warfare books I read. I am happy that my sister give it to me to read after I enjoyed the movie 12 Strong, which covers part of the story told in Horse Soldiers.

For a modern warfare book, it handled the subject well. It was well researched and the information very nicely compiled.

There were helpful details about warfare, Afghanistan, and so on. I think it kept the reader informed. It gives a pretty realistic view of the war and soldiers who fight, which I appreciate, but can make it hard to read.

I think I probably would have rated it higher if I didn’t struggle reading modern warfare so much. I also felt that there was almost too much information at some points. It was really helpful that my sister kept a partial list of people in the book; however, some people were missing from her list. This did cause me to lose track of a few people and who they were. If you read this book a keeping a list of all the people might help.

The narrative elements that the author included made this very readable. Sometimes it did feel a little overdone to me; however, I am picky on narrative elements because I often just want more hard facts rather than some depictions of history that may not be fully accurate.

If you like modern warfare history books, want to try one, or have watched the movie 12 Strong, you would probably find this to be a beneficial read.

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