House Lessons book review

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House Lessons

Author: Erica Bauermeister
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Publisher Summary:

I think anyone who saves an old house has to be a caretaker at heart, a believer in underdogs, someone whose imagination is inspired by limitations, not endless options.”

In this mesmerizing memoir-in-essays, Erica Bauermeister renovates a trash-filled house in eccentric Port Townsend, Washington, and in the process takes readers on a journey to discover the ways our spaces subliminally affect us. A personal, accessible, and literary exploration of the psychology of architecture, as well as a loving tribute to the connections we forge with the homes we care for and live in, this book is designed for anyone who’s ever fallen head over heels for a house. It is also a story of a marriage, of family, and of the kind of roots that settle deep into your heart. Discover what happens when a house has its own lessons to teach in this moving and insightful memoir that ultimately shows us how to make our own homes (and lives) better.

Lynn's Review

House Lessons book review

House Lessons by Erica Bauermeister is an essay style memoir about a family and a house, but also about so much more.

This book caught my attention because it is set in the Pacific Northwest coastal town in Washington.

I liked this book, but didn’t love it. I think the reason that I didn’t love it though was that I am not a huge fan of essay style writing. When I bought it I didn’t realize that it was an essay style book.

I did enjoy the story though. The author shared her family’s journey of buying, renovating, and finally moving into the house they loved.

The author shared not only how the house changed, but also how the house changed her and her family.

If you enjoy memoirs and  DIY type of books you will probably enjoy this one.


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