If You Ask Me book review

Book Review of
If You Ask Me

Author: Betty White
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Lynn's Review

If You Ask Me book review

I listened to If You Ask Me by Betty White on audio. I don’t listen to a lot of audiobooks because I have trouble focusing on them. I have tried speeding them up and I still don’t focus well on audiobooks. I just prefer to read books. However, I have realized that I enjoy memoirs written and read by celebrities.

I think this is because celebrities are used to acting and speaking and when they read their own books they put emotion and tone into it in the right places. When I saw this audiobook being promoted after Betty White died I decided to give it a try.

I enjoyed it. I am not sure it is the best book that she wrote, but it was good. It was short and easy to listen to. It was basically stories and lessons from her years in Hollywood.

It was a little PG-13 in a couple of places, but not too bad. If you have a celebrity-type memoir that you enjoy leave a comment letting me know. There are a lot of celebrity-type memoirs, but not all of them are ones that I care to read. I would love to have some more suggestions.

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