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Lucy’s Little Village Book Club

Author: Emma Davis
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Publisher Summary:


needs a fresh start. Forever single, frustrated with her studies and dreaming of writing a novel she can’t start, she gives up everything to run a little library in the leafy village of Tilley Moreton.

Lucy loves reading books almost as much as she loves fixing other people’s problems, so starting a book club seems like the perfect opportunity to do both. As she meets her new members, it’s clear she’s going to have her work cut out for her. Handsome but silent Callum is the biggest puzzle of them all…

But Lucy’s meddling begins to cause more problems than it solves, and she starts to think she should have kept out of everyone’s business. No one is more surprised than Lucy when Callum steps in to help. Could there be more to him than people think?

Lynn's Review

Lucy's Little Village Book Club Book

I got Lucy’s Little Village Book Club by Emma Davis for just a couple of dollars when the ebook was on sale. This was a fun summer read for me. A book club and library play a large part in this book, so it is great for book lovers. It also involves small town life, community, friendships, family secrets, and more. There was some language in the book, but overall I enjoyed it.

After some heavier longer reads I needed a book that I could pick up and finish quickly. This book was just that. I finished it in about twenty-four hours.


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