Miss Julia Takes Over book review

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Miss Julia Takes Over

Author: Ann B. Ross
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Publisher Summary:

When Miss Julia burst on the scene in her fictional debut, Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind, this proper lady of a certain age found her orderly world turned upside down when Hazel Marie Puckett appeared with her nine-year-old son, Little Lloyd, who looked disturbingly similar to Miss Julia’s late husband. Now, in Miss Julia Takes Over, with her sharp tongue and iron backbone intact, Miss Julia must tackle another disruption when Hazel Marie doesn’t return from a dinner date with a fund-raiser who, in Miss Julia’s opinion, wears his shorts too tight. Frantic and unable to persuade the local police that Hazel Marie is in danger, Miss Julia hires J. D. Pickens to investigate, despite her reservations about his taste for beer and women. She and Little Lloyd help search for Hazel Marie, running into adventures ranging from a most indelicate display of fisticuffs to a high-speed car chase on the track of a NASCAR Speedway, all the while standing strong …because if Miss Julia doesn’t take care of things, who will?

Lynn's Review

Miss Julia Takes Over book review

Miss Julia Takes Over is the second book in the Miss Julia series. I have heard this series described as Mitford like but with mysteries. I can kind of see why people would say that, but I don’t really agree. To me, Mitford is much better. This book was definitely a bit pg-13 for me in a few spots, and they weren’t necessary to the book. I might try the third book in the series sometime, but I am not sure. If you have read this series, I would love to hear what you thought of it.

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    • I have now read the first three in the series and I agree with you, they are not for me. I am glad I gave them a try, but I don’t enjoy them enough to keep reading the series. I loved reading your thoughts.


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