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Mother Trucker

Author: Amy Butcher
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Lynn's Review

Mother Trucker Book

I should have done more research before reading Mother Trucker by Amy Butcher. I thought this was going to be about the Instagram famous Alaskan truck driver, Joy Wiebe, also known as Mother Trucker.

Joy drove big rigs on the Dalton Highway in the remote wilderness of Alaska, also known as the deadliest highway in America.

I thought this book was going to be about Joy and Alaska, instead at least half of the book was about the author and her struggles with men and abusive relationships. I felt like this book was two books in one and should have been written as two books. One about Joy the Alaska truck driver and one simply a memoir written by the author.

The reality is that I wanted a book about Joy the Alaskan truck driver. A whole book could have been written about Joy, but instead, the author intertwines it with her own story.

If I had read the reviews better, I would have known this. Although a lot of people loved this book, a lot of people disliked it for the same reason that I did.

It wasn’t that the author’s story was bad, it just could have been a book on its own and I think it took away from Joy’s story instead of adding to it.

You may love Mother Trucker, but just know going into it that it is about the author weaves a lot of her own story and reflection into Joy’s story.


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