Murder At Beacon Rock book review

Book Review of
Murder At Beacon Rock

Author: Alyssa Maxwell
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Lynn's Review

Murder At Beacon Rock book review

Murder At Beacon Rock by Alyssa Maxwell is the tenth book in the A Gilded Newport Mystery Series, which is a mystery series set in the Gilded Age.

The books in this series are some of the only ebooks I will pay full price for. I discovered this series years ago, I believe when I got the first book on sale on Kindle. Since then they have become must-reads. When a new book comes out I purchase it and I save it for just the right time.

This book came out in August. I ended up purchasing and reading it while sitting at the ER with one of my kids. We ended up being there 14+ hours and it made a good easy, distracting read. If you like cozy mysteries this is a fun series set in Newport during the Gilded Age.

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