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Author: Zane Grey
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Publisher Summary:

He was called Nevada, a name he took to lose his past. As a boy he had been thrown among brutal and evil men. He had worked himself above their influence time and again, only to be thrown back, by his own desire for justice or vengeance, into the midst of strife. With a new identity he made a new reputation, but old troubles and old enemies haunted him wherever he went.

Nevada was the quiet type who would rather work hard and plan for better days. Skilled with a horse and a rope, he could also shoot fast and straight. As he got closer to thinking he could get back to the woman he loved, a gang of rustlers threatened everything. Once again, he had to choose between risks, if his passions didn’t choose for him.

Grace's Review


This is one of the better Zane Grey’s. It was a very predictable storyline, but I enjoyed it. I liked the mysterious main character who was getting in trouble all time.

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