Prisoners of the Castle

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Prisoners of the Castle

Author: Ben Macintyre
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Lynn's Review

Prisoners of the Castle

I love Ben Macintyre’s writing, so I knew that Prisoners of the Castle by Ben Macintyre was going to be a must read for me. His books are auto buy books for me.

This one is about a castle in Colditz, Germany that was turned into a prisoner of war camp during WWII for the most defiant and determined prisoners of war.

I really enjoyed this book. It made me feel like I was reading the real-life version of the T.V. show Hogan’s Heroes. This is one of the most famous prison stories and how the prisoners tried to escape it.

Although I did enjoy this book, it was a little bit of a slower read for me. It was a little dry at some points, and it was hard at times to keep track of all the people. I will definitely be passing this one on to my husband to read because I think he will enjoy it.

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