The Riverman book by Ben McGrath

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Author: Ben McGrath
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The Riverman book by Ben McGrath

Riverman by Ben McGrath was published in 2022.

The subtitle to Riverman is An American Odyssey. That is precisely what this book is. It is the story of Dick Conant, who paddled his way around the U.S. in a canoe by himself. He paddled the Mississippi, Yellowstone, Ohio, the Hudson, and more. 

The author is on a journey to get to know the story of this troubled yet fascinating man.

This book was fairly popular when it came out last year. I like memoirs and biographies, but this is not my normal type of biography. I wouldn’t have picked it up if I had not received it as part of our Shelf Subscription from The Bookshelf Thomasville

This was probably a three or three and half star book for me. It is a little too nature driven for my tastes, although I can totally see why so many love this.

I am glad I read it and think I will pass my copy along to my brother-in-law who during college spent his summers hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. I am pretty sure it is a book that he might enjoy. 


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