Spy School Graphic Novel

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Spy School: The Graphic Novel

Author: Stuart Gibbs
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Grace's Review

Spy School Graphic Novel

I picked up Spy School: The Graphic Novel by Stuart Gibbs to try and find some good graphic novels for middle school students to recommend to parents and kids.

After reading Spy School, I think it is an overall clean and decent read. There is mention of assassinations, fighting, weapons, and a few crushes, but there was nothing that I didn’t read in fantasy or detective books at the same age.

The plot was relatively good. There was a nice mystery element of who was the mole with nice twists. I didn’t necessarily love any of the characters, and obviously, it was very unrealistic. However, a lot of spy movies are unrealistic. The adults are also portrayed as being dumb, which I don’t really love, but it is typical in middle school books.

I think if you are trying to get your kid to read, and they enjoy action and mystery stories, this isn’t a bad middle school graphic novel to buy.

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