Stealing Secrets book review

Book Review of
Stealing Secrets

Author: Winkler
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Publisher Summary:

During America’s most divisive war, both the Union and Confederacy took advantage of brave and courageous women willing to adventurously support their causes. These female spies of the Civil War participated in the world’s second-oldest profession—spying—a profession perilous in the extreme. The tales of female spies are filled with suspense, bravery, treachery, and trickery. They took enormous risks and achieved remarkable results—often in ways men could not do. These are the bold, untold stories of women shaping our very nation. Stepping out of line and into battle, these women faced clandestine missions, treason, and death, all because of their passionate commitment to their cause.

Grace's Review

Stealing Secrets book review

Stealing Secrets was a used bookstore buy. It is about women who stole secrets during the Civil War. Many credit these women with changing history. I think this book was a good buy worth the money because it taught me about so many women who were spying during the Civil War. It does support women from both the North and the South, which some may not support. However, learning history is important and I learned a lot reading this book.

It’s choppy style, as each chapter was about a different woman and that was not my favorite, but it does make it easier to pick up and put down.

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