The Bodyguard

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The Bodyguard

Author: Katherine Center
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Lynn's Review

The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center is a rom-com published in 2022.

The Bodyguard has been on my shelf to read since it was published in 2022. This book was everywhere the summer it was released. I don’t tend to read  books just because everyone else is reading them. In fact, that often turns me away from a book. So this one sat on my shelf for a long time.

I was finally in the mood to pick it up, and I am so glad I did. This was the perfect book at the perfect time. 

This was a great beach read for me, although I was not at the beach when I read it. 

I don’t read a lot of romance, but occasionally, I need a clean, fun, fairly mindless read. The Bodyguard was precisely that. It was a great summer read. It was also my first Katherine Center book and won’t be my last. Later this summer, I plan to get a couple of her other books to read on vacation. 

This book follows Hannah Brooks, a bodyguard, and Jake Stapleton, a superstar. Hannah pretends to be Jake’s girlfriend to protect him while visiting his sick mother. 

This book is a bit unrealistic and wraps up in a nice bow. Basically, it is a rom-com movie or a Hallmark movie in book form. But in a good way. 

If you need a reasonably clean, fun summer read, I thought this was a good one. 

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