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Book Review of
The Bookshop On The Corner

Author: Jenny Colgan
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Lynn's Review

The Bookshop On the Corner book review

The Bookshop On the Corner by Jenny Colgan was published in 2016.

I needed a lighter read to end the year. I have had several readers recommend Jenny Colgan’s books to me. I bought this one as an ebook special months ago and decided to try it. 

I liked this book. It was like a Hallmark movie, but it was a little more PG-13 in some parts than a Hallmark movie would be. 

Nina, a librarian who loses her job, decides to totally change her life. She moves to Scotland and opens a book van. 

She travels around villages in the area and sells books to people who don’t have a library or bookstore near them. She rents an apartment from a grumpy farmer. And, of course, there is some romance and comedy mixed in. 

This was a little too PG-13 compared to what I like, but I will probably try another one of her books. I think they would make excellent summer reading. 

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