The Burning Issue of the Day

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The Burning Issue of the Day

Author: T E Kinsey
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Publisher Summary:

January 1910. A journalist has been killed in a suspicious blaze. Everything points to a group of suffragettes, but the apparent culprit insists she is innocent.

When Lady Hardcastle receives a letter from a suffragette requesting her urgent help, the retired spy turned sleuth knows only she stands between an accused young woman and the gallows. Evidence at the scene makes Lizzie Worrel’s innocence difficult to believe, and with the police treating it as an open-and-shut case of arson, Lady Hardcastle faces a barrage of resistance as she tries to dig out the truth.

With her trusted maid and confidante, the formidable Flo, Lady Hardcastle sets off in pursuit of the truth as time runs out for the accused suffragette. Was she set up? And if so, is the real culprit a traitor to the cause—or part of a darker conspiracy?

Grace's Review

The Burning Issue of the Day

The Burning Issue of the Day is the fifth book in the Lady Hardcastle Mystery series. I read this on vacation recently and really enjoyed it. I love the Lady Hardcastle mystery series. They take place in England during the early 1900’s. This series of books is what many people would call a cozy mystery series and I agree. They are fun mystery reads with interesting plots and fun twists and turns without the gory graphic details.

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