The Confessions of St. Augustine

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The Confessions of St. Augustine

Author: St. Augustine
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Grace's Review

The Confessions of St. Augustine

I read The Confessions of St. Augustine because I keep reading books that quote St. Augustine. I do not agree with St. Augustine on all his points. He writes over his life, which is why some parts of it are out there because his has all kinds of thoughts and writes them. Later on though he will disagree with what he said. Some of it is written when he not a Christian, which also makes it interesting. It was a long read for me, but worth as there are some interesting thoughts, great quotes, and gives me a foundation to know where and who other authors and quoting from.

So if you like a deeper read that makes you think through what you think, then you’ll like The Confessions of St. Augustine. Though I would recommend that you read other theological books first as you will want to have a foundation before you read this.

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