Coronation Year by Jennifer Robson book review

Book Review of
Coronation Year

Author: Jennifer Robson
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Lynn's Review

Coronation Year by Jennifer Robson book review

Coronation Year by Jennifer Robson was published in 2022. It is historical fiction. 

I do not read a lot of new releases. Mainly because I often find them overhyped. However, when I saw that Jennifer Robson’s new book was out, I instantly bought the ebook.

I really enjoyed Jennifer Robson’s book The Gown, so I was pretty sure I would enjoy Coronation Year. Plus, this was released when I was sick and reading about a book a day. It was a great read to pass the time when I was not feeling well. 

I loved this book! It was so well done. She weaves Queen Elizabeth’s coronation into a story of what life was like in London after WWII. There is also a mystery that is within the story. 

The story centers around The Blue Lion, a small London hotel, that has been owned by one family for generations. 

Coronation Year is an example of a type of historical fiction that I love. It is about a time and place, not just a famous person. Which may sound odd, since it is titled Coronation Year.

This is about the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth, but it isn’t about just that. It is not really about Queen Elizabeth it is about how the coronation and the events around it impacted and changed lives. 

If you love historical fiction I think you will enjoy this one. And I think even those that don’t read a lot of historical fiction will probably enjoy this one as well.

This is also what I would consider a clean book. It has romance, but it doesn’t contain a lot of graphic or detailed scenes. 

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