The Death Cure

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The Death Cure

Author: James Dashner
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Publisher Summary:

WICKED has taken everything from Thomas: his life, his memories, and now his only friends—the Gladers. But it’s finally over. The trials are complete, after one final test.

Will anyone survive?

What WICKED doesn’t know is that Thomas remembers far more than they think. And it’s enough to prove that he can’t believe a word of what they say.

The truth will be terrifying.

Thomas beat the Maze. He survived the Scorch. He’ll risk anything to save his friends. But the truth might be what ends it all.

The time for lies is over.

Grace's Review

The Death Cure

This book did not go how I thought it was going to, which is really good in my eyes. The plot took a ton of twists and turns which kept me turning the pages. I was a bit disappointed in the final outcome, but maybe that was just because it was so sad in the end. The only thing that I didn’t really like was that my favorite character died. There is also slang which I am not a fan of. In the end though, this was a good way to finish out the series and I enjoyed every second I was reading this book.

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