Dictionary of Lost Words book review

Book Review of
The Dictionary of Lost Words

Author: Pip Williams
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Lynn's Review

Dictionary of Lost Words book review

The Dictionary of Lost Words by Pip Williams was published in 2021. It is a historical fiction book set during WWI. 

The Dictionary of Lost Words is a book about books, but it is about so much more than that. It is about language, dictionaries, and the power of words that shouldn’t be forgotten. 

I have mixed thoughts on this book. I loved the first half, struggled with the middle part, and then fell in love with it again towards the end. 

At first, I felt like the middle part of the book was out of place, with too many issues being forced into one book, but by the end, I totally understood why the author did what she did. She was making a point. Words matter. People matter. 

I plan to read the second book by the author. 

I will say that it was a bit too PG-13 in parts for me. 

3 thoughts on “The Dictionary of Lost Words”

  1. I just finished the book. I found it really fascinating. If something is based (even loosely) on real events, even if I find myself disagreeing, or uncomfortable with some parts, I will give it a shot because, that was how it was in those times, or in this case, certain words etc..I also never thought about how long it would take to create a dictionary, to put all those words together, etc. I suppose I never thought that a word could mean different things to a man vs. a woman, I know words mean different things in different countries/languages, but from person to person, demographically, gender, etc. I just never really thought of it. I did save a few quotes from the book that I thought were really good.

    • I agree. I had never thought about what went into putting together a dictionary. It would be interesting to compare it with how they do it today.


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