The Forgotten Cottage book review

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The Forgotten Cottage

Author: Courtney Ellis
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Lynn's Review

The Forgotten Cottage book review

The Forgotten Cottage by Courtney Ellis is a historical fiction book published in 2022. 

I am not sure where I heard about this book, I think maybe it was a Kindle deal, but the WWI storyline caught my attention and I knew I wanted to read it. 

There are many historical fiction books set during WWII, but not as many set during WWI. I also love to find a WWI historical fiction book to read. 

The Forgotten Cottage has two timelines. It is set during WWI and 2014. Audrey’s grandmother left her a cottage in England and she has no idea why. There are many mysteries about her grandmother and why she left England years before. 

Audrey sets off to England to see the cottage and get it ready to sell, but she is fighting her own battles. Her grandmother helped her overcome her struggles with alcohol, can she stay sober after one of the biggest influencers in her life dies?

Audrey’s family had so many secrets including the story of her great-grandmother Lady Emilie Dawes and what she went through during WWI. Audrey’s life will change forever as she uncovers the family’s past. 

And you can’t have historical fiction without at least a little romance. There is a love story in both 1915 and 2014. They were both pretty predictable storylines, but the 2014 storyline was especially predictable, however, I still enjoyed it. 

The Forgotten Cottage deals with some of the difficult situations soldiers and nurses were put in during WWI. I think the author did a good job of making it interesting and fairly historically accurate. 

If you like historical fiction or WWI historical fiction you will probably enjoy this one. 

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