The God of the Garden Book

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The God of the Garden

Author: Andrew Peterson
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Lynn's Review

The God of the Garden Book

The God of the Garden by Andrew Peterson was published in 2021. It is Christian nonfiction. 

I don’t usually love flowery, poetic, writing, but I love Andrew Peterson’s writing. I bought this book last year and put it on my list of Christian books to read. I picked it up when I was sick and it was the right book at the right time. 

My sickness forced me to slow down. This book was a reminder that sometimes we need to slow down and focus on God and His creation. 

The subtitle of this book is Thoughts on Creation, Culture, and the Kingdom. In 2020, after twenty-five years of touring, Andrew Peterson was forced to stop touring. This gave him a year at home to reflect on his home, his property, and how creation, culture, and God have changed him. 

This wasn’t a deep theological read, but it was a great reminder that we need community, we need to spend time with nature, and most of all we need to focus on living for Christ. 

And yes this is the same Andrew Peterson that wrote the Wingfeather Saga books.

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