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The Islanders

Author: Mary Alice Monroe
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Lynn's Review

The Islanders book

I saw an interview with Mary Alice Monroe when her book The Islanders came out last year, but it wasn’t until I saw the ebook on sale recently that I decided to read it.

The Islanders is a young adult book. I think it is actually a middle book since it is marketed for the 8-12-year-old range. I would consider this one a 10 and up book.

Now that my kids are grown I don’t read a lot of young adult or kids books, but this one looked like a fun summer read.

It was exactly that.

Three kids, all going through difficult times, spend their summer on an island with no internet, phones, or video games.

They learn about friendships, saving turtles, overcoming difficult things, and more.

I think The Islanders by Mary Alice Monroe is a book that both kids and adults can enjoy. It made for a quick summer read. This one would be perfect for a vacation read with your kids.

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