The Kew Garden Girls

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The Kew Garden Girls

Author: Posy Lovell
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Lynn's Review

The Kew Garden Girls

Set in WWI London, The Kew Garden Girls is about the Kew Garden and the gardeners who worked there during WWI. It was published in 2021 and is a historical fiction book.

I liked the Kew Garden setting of this book since I did not know a lot about the Royal Botanical Gardens, especially during WWI. 

The book focuses mainly on the women gardeners that The Kew Garden had to hire because so many of the men had gone to war. 

This book covered a lot of important topics during WWI, but it was almost too many. I think they could have dealt better with certain topics had they been written about in more depth as opposed to putting so many topics in the book that they could only be lightly covered. 

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