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Book Review of
The Kingdom of Prep

Author: Maggie Bullock 
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Lynn's Review

The Kingdom of Prep book on white background

The Kingdom of Prep by Maggie Bullock was published in 2023. It is the story of J.Crew.

It is about who founded J.Crew and how it came to be. It is about what made it a success, what made it fail, and how it has kept going. 

What do you think of when you think of J.Crew? If you remember the old days or the original days of J.Crew you probably think of a preppy style. But J.Crew evolved into way more than just a preppy style. It became a brand that everyone wanted to wear. 

I love books about business. But I picked this book up to read when I did because I wanted a lighter nonfiction book to read on vacation. It was perfect for that.

I will fully admit that I only own a few J.Crew things. When J.Crew was at its highest point, it was well beyond my budget. Not only that preppy has never really been my style. The J.Crew pencil skirts that I own are classics that I love, but I would not call myself a huge J.Crew fan. However, I enjoyed this book. 

I found the story of J.Crew fascinating and thought the author did a good job writing it.  

If you love J.Crew, fashion, or books about business I think you will enjoy this one. 

What I didn’t love about the book were the few times politics were inserted. I felt that it didn’t fit the story or the book. 

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