The Lone Star Ranger

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The Lone Star Ranger

Author: Zane Grey
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Publisher Summary:

The premier chronicler of the American West, legendary storyteller Zane Grey has captivated millions of readers with his timeless adventures of life, death, gunfire, and justice. This is the Old West in all its glory and grandeur. Forged in blood. Enflamed by passion. Emblazoned with bullets. . .

In the law of the gun, a man must shoot his way to innocence. At least that’s how Captain McKelly of the Texas Rangers puts it to Buck Duane. On the run for killing a man to save his own skin, Duane must now infiltrate the deadly Chelsedine gang. These ruthless rustlers are running amok in Texas and it’s going to take a matchless gunfighter to stop their rampage. With the legendary Rangers providing firepower, Duane has more than a fighting chance. Or so he thinks. When he uncovers a secret that could destroy them all, the bullet storm is biblical–and a legend rises out of the dust.

“In a changing world it is comforting. . .and entertaining to spend a little while in the company of Zane Grey.” –New York Times

Grace's Review

The Lone Star Ranger

I absolutely loved The Lone Star Ranger. I have not been that impressed by Zane Grey’s other books that I have read, but this was a sure winner. I was not entirely sure of the book for about the first eight chapters, but after that I could not set it down. The story line is fascinating and has many different elements. I was also in a western mood which may have helped me enjoy it a wee bit more.  I cannot wait to read more of Zane Grey’s books after reading this one.

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