The Martian Chronicles book

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The Martian Chronicles

Author: Ray Bradbury
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Grace's Review

The Martian Chronicles book

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury ended up on my shelf because a friend recommended it to me after he was arguing with me that it was better than Fahrenheit 451. I wanted to know, so I picked it up and was thrilled that I enjoyed it.

The Martian Chronicles is such an enthralling read. It creates so many debates about space exploration, the soul of humanity, whether the gospel should be shared with ETs, how we treat culture, and so forth. Do I agree with the conclusion of all the characters? No, but I could have the discussion with the book, and that delights me.

I didn’t love it as much as Fahrenheit 451 though. There is something about the narrative in Fahrenheit 451 that I loved. I got invested in the main characters. The world-building smoothed out nicely. The ending has flaws and at points Ray Bradbury is wordy, but I still love it.

Martian Chronicles falls a bit under it because it is a collection of short stories. It all has to do with Mars and the future of Earth, but you don’t follow just one character. It is a bunch of different people and different years, and such as we travel through Mars’s supposed future and Earth’s future as well, that doesn’t end nicely.

It great collection. This is a delight if you are looking for some fun different Sci-fi. It is also a classic that is worth it if you enjoy sci-fi or dystopian stories.

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