The Mystery of Mrs. Christie book review

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The Mystery of Mrs. Christie

Author: Marie Benedict
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Publisher Summary:

In December 1926, Agatha Christie goes missing. Investigators find her empty car on the edge of a deep, gloomy pond, the only clues some tire tracks nearby and a fur coat left in the car―strange for a frigid night. Her World War I veteran husband and her daughter have no knowledge of her whereabouts, and England unleashes an unprecedented manhunt to find the up-and-coming mystery author. Eleven days later, she reappears, just as mysteriously as she disappeared, claiming amnesia and providing no explanations for her time away.

The puzzle of those missing eleven days has persisted. With her trademark historical fiction exploration into the shadows of the past, acclaimed author Marie Benedict brings us into the world of Agatha Christie, imagining why such a brilliant woman would find herself at the center of such murky historical mysteries.

What is real, and what is mystery? What role did her unfaithful husband play, and what was he not telling investigators?

Agatha Christie novels have withstood the test of time, due in no small part to Christie’s masterful storytelling and clever mind that may never be matched, but Agatha Christie’s untold history offers perhaps her greatest mystery of all.

Lynn's Review

The Mystery of Mrs. Christie book review

I am not sure what to think of The Mystery of Mrs. Christie. I love historical fiction that is based on a time period or event. I am not usually a fan of historical fiction based on a real or famous person. So I went into this book knowing that I might not like it.

I love Marie Benedict’s writing and have read a couple of books by her. Her writing is creative and well done. She does a good job of describing the time and place she is writing about. I picked this book up mainly because last year I read Agatha Christie’s books for the first time. I enjoyed them and wanted to know about Agatha Christie.

This book covers the time period in 1926 when Agatha Christie went missing for eleven days. There is a lot of speculation about where she went and what happened, but no one really knows for sure. It really is a mystery what happened to the famous mystery writer during this time. The Mystery of Mrs. Christie is Marie Benedict’s version of what happened.

I enjoyed the writing style and the creativeness of this book. I am not sure what I think of the liberties she took in the unknown part of Agatha Christie’s life during her disappearance. If you have read it I would love to hear what you thought.

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