The Old Man and the Gun book review

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The Old Man and the Gun

Author: Grann
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Publisher Summary:

The Old Man and the Gun” is the incredible story of a bank robber and prison escape artist who modeled himself after figures like Pretty Boy Floyd and who, even in his seventies, refuses to retire. “True Crime” follows the twisting investigation of a Polish detective who suspects that a novelist planted clues in his fiction to an actual murder. And “The Chameleon” recounts how a French imposter assumes the identity of a missing boy from Texas and infiltrates the boy’s family, only to soon wonder whether he is the one being conned. In this mesmerizing collection, David Grann shows why he has been called a “worthy heir to Truman Capote” and “simply the best narrative nonfiction writer working today,” as he takes the reader on a journey through some of the most intriguing and gripping real-life tales from around the world.

Grace's Review

The Old Man and the Gun book review

I love David Grann’s writing style. The Old Man and the Gun is no exception. I found it to be very well written. I did not even mind that Grann brought himself into the story. Usually, this annoys me, but this time it didn’t. He tells three fascinating stories about true criminals. They are not really long, but together they make a great book. If you like true crime, I would suggest you look into getting The Old Man and the Gun. 

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