The Other Side of Infamy

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The Other Side of Infamy

Author: Jim Downing
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Grace's Review

The Other Side of Infamy

Reading World War II memoirs like, The Other Side of Infamy by Jim Downing, always makes a good read for me.

Often times the writing is not necessarily up to par, is a bit dry, or has some details that might not be quite right, but I still like to read them.

The Other Side of Infamy had some elements like that. However, I still really liked it.

I like the personal perspectives. It was also on Pearl Harbor, which is always tragic to read about people’s personal experiences. There were some horrific war details that Jim Downing personally experienced that really touched me.

He also had time in the Navy before Pearl Harbor which was interesting to read it about. He was also a Christian. He made his spiritual walk and others around him being saved or Christian. I found this to be a very good view. Jim Downing talks about Christ affecting his and others lives, and he shared it in his book.

Overall The Other Side of Infamy was a good WWII read.

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