The Postcard by Anne Berest book review

Book Review of
The Postcard

Author: Anne Berest
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Lynn's Review

The Postcard by Anne Berest book review

The Postcard by Anne Berest is WWII Historical Fiction.

This book was all over social media this summer and made many influencers’ top books of the year list. I love WWII historical fiction, so I decided to try it. 

I wanted the book to be a five-star book for me, but it wasn’t. I liked it. I especially enjoyed the first half of the book, but there was something about the writing style that I didn’t love. It may be due to it being a translated book. 

It is the story of a postcard delivered to the Berest family in Paris. On the back of the postcard are the names of family members who were killed at Auschwitz. 

The book shares the story of the family members killed, who mailed the postcard, and how WWII changed the lives of those who survived the war. 

I can see why so many people loved this book. I am glad I read it, but it won’t make my list of favorite WWII books like it has for others.

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